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Ariana's Sunflower Field Giveaway Session - Middle Georgia Photographer

Sunflowers! Who doesn't love sunflowers? In fact I love them so much I decided to do a Facebook sunflower session giveaway! ( Be sure to like and follow Kari Bendig Photography so you don't miss any other exciting news and giveaways!) It was my first giveaway and it was so much fun I cant wait to do another one! Ms. Ariana was the winner of the giveaway couldn't have been more perfect. Sunflowers are some of her favorite flowers and she expressed how much she had always wanted a session just like this!

Middle Georgia Sunflower Field Photographer
Middle Georgia Sunflower Field Photographer

Once I congratulated the beautiful Ms. Ariana we started planning and scheduling. What neither of us expected was that all the rain in Middle Georgia this year really hurt the sunflower crop and my usual fields were looking pretty sad. So now we were on a mission to find a field still in bloom! After searching for a week, Ariana found a sunflower field in Montezuma, Georgia right near William L. Brown farms! I, of course, couldn't help but stop and grab some fresh veggies right after the session!! Nom! Nom!

The morning of our session Ariana and I got up super early to beat the Georgia heat and the morning sunrise was absolutely perfect! We even caught the pink sky coming up over a giant oak tree! Another unique thing about these sunflowers is that they are the tiniest sunflowers I have ever seen!! Look how dainty they are!! Ariana and I strolled, twirled, and laughed all through the field. It really was a perfect Middle Georgia Morning!!


Congratulations Ariana on being our Sunflower Session Giveaway winner!! I absolutely love sunflower sessions and am already looking forward to next year!!


Let's go out and capture your adventure!!

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