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Brian & Caitlyn | Perry, Georgia (GA) Engagement Photography

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Bright lights, towering buildings, and the buzz of city life – that's what we had in store for us throughout Brian and Caitlyn's vibrant engagement session a couple of weeks ago. We hit the quiet streets of downtown Perry, and I am so excited that we could use The Swanson as a backdrop, along with the Christmas lights that were still up!!

These two were a little shy at first but quickly warmed up to the camera, and I love that their outfits had lots of different shades of blue. It perfectly complements the colorful, lots of greenery backgrounds we worked with throughout the shoot.

Caitlyn's engagement ring has a special story!! It has been in Brian's family for years. It was Brian's grandmother's ring given to her by his Grandpa!!! Brian's mother, Sarah Jo Blitchington Breland, tells the story of the ring the best......

" It's the ring my dad bought in Hawaii before he came home. Mom wore that ring for so many years missing the diamond. She even had a picture taken so that you could see the ring and see the missing diamond.

They wrote letters for two years; my grandmother told me when he came home from the Army, he moped around till his mother said to go get her. She was in WV, and he was in FL. When he died, the only picture in his wallet was of my mom. She was his first and last love, same for her; the funny thing is she only went out with him so her sister and his sister could go to the movies with them as chaperones. The rest is history. I heard the first time he saw my mom was at the roller rink, and he got his shoes stolen that night."

I think more than Grandpa's shoes were stolen that night!! Quite possibly his heart as well....... Fast forward years later, and that ring is still symbolizing an everlasting love with Caitlyn and Brian <3.

The second image above is my absolute favorite from the day. Just look at those colors and bokeh lights!! These two will be so much fun to photograph on their wedding day in June! I can't wait!

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Lead Photographer- Kari Bendig Photography

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