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Helpful Hints for Your Next Photo Shoot | Middle Georgia Photographer

Booking a photo shoot is always very exciting, but not everyone is totally comfortable behind the camera. An experienced photographer can help ease your nerves, but I believe that gaining a few extra tips before the big day can help you feel even more prepared!

In this article I'll be giving you some of my best advice for a smooth and successful session. Check 'em out!


For Him & Her:

  • Wear extra makeup for the camera. Using a hair and makeup artist is highly recommended.

  • Leave the watches and crazy socks at home.

  • Hats, scarves, jewelry, boots, and belts are fabulous!

  • Bring a bottle of water and snacks with you to the shoot.

  • Pack the night before and leave early to avoid any added stress.

  • Bring extra touch-up makeup.

  • Bring along multiple outfits, like Kayleigh and Trevor did for their engagement session:

or like Justin and Amanda did:


For Kids:

  • Bubbles, balloons, lollipops, and flowers entertain the little ones and look great on camera.

  • Outfits with logos or writing are not recommended since they can steal the show away from your child.

  • Bring out the inner ballerina, astronaut, princess, or fireman - costumes are fun!

  • Bare feet are never a bad idea.

  • Be sure to pack extra water, juice, or snacks to keep their energy levels up.

  • Kids are notoriously messy! Bring some extra towels or wipes to prepare.

Here's little Liam being entertained by some bubbles:

He is just the cutest!

Here, Olivia Kate is not only being distracted by this apple and her dwarf friends, but she's also dressed up in the most precious Snow White costume!


For Pets:

  • A tired pet is more behaved, so let them get some energy out before the session.

  • Be sure to bring their water bowl, potty bag, and their favorite treats!

  • Leather collars always look best. Avoid nylon collars if you can.

  • Give your pet a bath, with conditioner, one or two days before.

  • Bells, balls, and classy toys can add personality to the shoot.

  • Avoid feeding them directly before the session.

  • Make sure to let them go to the bathroom before the shoot starts!

This family absolutely nailed their session with three pups!

Here are my boys with our dogs, Gambit and Beast:


Let me know in the comments if you found any of these tips especially helpful, and be sure to share this article with anyone who needs a little inspiration before their next photo shoot!

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