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Tillman Hanger Styled Shoot | Rome, Georgia

I always like to use the months of January and February to do some catching up on the backend of my business, and to get creative. One of the ways I do that is by attending two to four styled photoshoots during those months. If you don't know, styled shoots are essentially when multiple creative individuals come together to create a visual concept to be photographed.

These shoots are fantastic for networking with other photographers, getting creative in my shooting, and learning new things. By working with models, I’m able to learn how to pose and I might even end up shooting in a way that I normally wouldn’t!

The Tillman Hanger Shoot took place this past January and was put on by AWEL events. It was incredibly detailed and the planning was done perfectly. I ended up with over 3,000 photos, which is almost an entire wedding album!! This was my first time on an airplane runway as a photographer, and I could feel the electricity on my skin as the planes flew over us. Thankfully, I was able to capture a perfect shot of one of the couples as a plane flew over us!

Tillman Hanger was amazing and I’m so grateful that they allowed us to host our styled shoot there. All of the models and vendors involved were extraordinary as well, and I’m looking forward to seeing them again! I would love to have another shoot in Rome, Georgia, so if any couples are interested in seeing this gorgeous city, let me know.


Thank you to everyone involved in the creation of this beautiful shoot!

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