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Audrey and Ryan's Wedding at Macon, Georgia Wedding Venue: The Blacksmith Shop|Georgia Wedding Photo

Hey there, fellow adventurers of love and seekers of magic! This past Saturday, I had the extraordinary joy of being part of Audrey and Ryan's unforgettable wedding in downtown Macon, Georgia, at the

enchanting Blacksmith Shop. Let's dive into this whimsical tale of love and music that left everyone in awe.

Macon, Georgia Wedding Venues: The Blacksmith Shop

When it comes to Macon, Georgia wedding venues, The Blacksmith Shop is a treasure trove of history and charm. Audrey and Ryan's wedding, on the 28th of October, 2023, was nothing short of magical. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, the elegance of the event shone through, with the bride, Audrey, looking like an ethereal goddess. If you're seeking a venue in Macon that exudes timeless beauty and rustic charm, The Blacksmith Shop is a dream come true.

Macon, Georgia Wedding Photographers: Capturing Fairy Tales

Being a Macon, Georgia wedding photographer is a bit like being a wizard. My camera is my wand, and the love stories I capture are enchanting tales that last a lifetime. Audrey and Ryan's wedding was pure magic, and I was honored to weave their love story into timeless photographs. Every click of the camera felt like casting a spell, preserving the love and happiness that filled their day.

The First Look: An Enchanted Encounter

The most enchanting moment of the day was Audrey and Ryan's first look. It was like a scene from a fairy tale—a secret corner where time seemed to stand still, and only love existed. Their eyes met, smiles blossomed, and the world around them disappeared. As their Macon, Georgia wedding photographer, I was the fairy godmother who captured this enchanting moment, ensuring it would be remembered forever.

Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos: The Party's Heartbeat

And the magic didn't stop there! A delightful surprise at Audrey and Ryan's wedding was the presence of Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos. These talented musicians brought boundless energy and fun, keeping the celebration alive with their fantastic tunes. Their dueling pianos turned the night into a lively, unforgettable party that had everyone on their feet. I can't wait to work with them again and witness their musical enchantment in action once more.

Let's Craft Your Love Story

Audrey and Ryan's wedding at The Blacksmith Shop was a day of love, music, and magic, one I'll treasure forever. As your Macon, Georgia wedding photographer, I'm here to turn your love story into an enchanting fairy tale. If you're considering Macon for your wedding destination, let's create magic together. Reach out to Kari Bendig Photography, and let's transform your dream wedding into an unforgettable adventure, complete with music, love, and enchantment.

Wedding Vendors

Lead Photographer: Kari Bendig Photography


Second Photographers: Amorous Photography

Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Blacksmith Shop

(478) 741-0040

665 Poplar Street, Macon, Georgia 31210

Independent Day Of Coordinator:

Vanessa Svensson

Two Friends Events

(478) 787-7282

Entertainment: Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos

6012 Highland Ln.

Village Of Lakewood, IL 60014

(800) 557-4196

Wedding Cake: LisaMae Cakes

Florals: Thistle and Bloom Design

Macon Georgia Wedding Venues, Georgia Wedding Photos

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