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Britni & Zach | A Southern Wedding| The Wedding Barn at L'Horne

Britni and Zach

Hello! Welcome to my little space right here in sweet southern Middle Georgia. Here I plan to share all the beautiful magical moments that go on in each of my weddings and portrait sessions.

Britni and Zachs wedding was so special I needed some way to celebrate! I had been thinking abut starting a blog for sometime now and what could be a better time than one of my first weddings.

Georgia weather held true for this June wedding. Warm and beautiful all day then a quick downpour, which just so happened right during the ceremony. Boy- oh- boy was there something romantic about hearing rain on the tin roof during a summer wedding!! Britni and Zach laughed and danced all night you could truly feel the love that was meant for a life time. I look forward to sharing my photography journey with all of you and cant wait to tell your story next. So say Hello and tell me your favorite summer wedding traditions!!

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