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Hanna and Josh's Engagement Session with Georgia'sWedding and Engagement Photographer Kari Bendig

Enchanting Wedding Venue Hummingbird Hill Farms | Perry, Georgia

Georgia Engagement and Wedding Photographer Kari Bendig Photography

As a wedding photographer, some moments stand out in your career, encapsulating the essence of love and happiness. Hanna and Josh's engagement session at Hummingbird Hill Farms was an unforgettable experience for me. The couple's decision to choose their wedding venue as the location for the shoot set the stage for a magical evening filled with candid conversations, beautiful backdrops, and the promise of a lifelong journey together. As we spent the evening capturing their love on camera and discussing their wedding plans, I know their upcoming wedding in March will be a celebration beyond compare!

The Enchanting Setting:

Hummingbird Hill Farms was the perfect backdrop for Hanna and Josh's engagement session. The picturesque pond, with its beautiful swans and lush greenery, provided a romantic and dreamy atmosphere that perfectly complemented their love story. The rustic charm of the venue added a touch of elegance and warmth to the images, creating an ethereal quality that made every frame come alive.

Wedding Venue Hummingbird Hill Farms in Perry, Georgia Photographed by Georgia Wedding and Engagement Photographer Kari Bendig Photography

Wedding Plans and Dreams:

As we moved through the engagement session, Hanna and Josh couldn't contain their excitement as they shared their wedding plans with me. They spoke animatedly about the floral arrangements, the venue decorations, and how they envisioned their special day. Listening to their dreams and aspirations, I could feel the depth of their love and shared commitment to creating a life filled with happiness and love.

Hanna and Josh's engagement session at Hummingbird Hill Farms was a breathtaking experience that left me eager to witness their love story unfold further at their wedding. Love, laughter, and cherished memories - that's what life is all about, and I am grateful to have the privilege of capturing these precious moments for couples like Hanna and Josh. March can't come soon enough, and I'm counting down the days to be a part of their extraordinary celebration of love.

Kari Bendig Photography is a Georgia Engagement and Wedding Photographer who travels all over the Southeast, creating magic and documenting couples' love stories. For all inquiries regarding bookings, please reach out to Kari using the contact information provided below.

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