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Combs Military Homecoming | Middle Georgia Photographer

You would think that from living in a military town and having family members in the Air Force, I’d be used to military homecomings, but that is not the case! This especially holds true with my dear friend, Jen.

I have been photographing the Combs family for years now, so when Jen’s husband, Tim, told me that Jen would be coming home from a year long deployment, I immediately told him that my camera and I would be there.

On the day that she arrived, a few friends showed up to set up decorations and signs outside. Lo and behold, one of Georgia’s famous pop-up storms happened, and we found ourselves scattering to move everything inside! None of that mattered, though, when the door swung open and her kids went running to her.

All three of her children were instantly beside her, and once they were in her arms they couldn’t let go. They all kept saying “you stay here forever now,” and that’s when I just let the tears start flowing. The entire room was filled with so much love.

I am incredibly grateful for the sacrifices that Jen and her family make for our country, and I am so glad that she’s home!!



Welcome home, MSGT Combs!

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