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5 Steps to Booking a Wedding With Kari Bendig Photography

I said YES! Now what?

The day is finally here, you said YES! Your inner bride is probably trying to take over and immediately go into planning mode. STOP. Take a breath and enjoy the moment, linger in the feeling of the proposal for a bit, then go into bridal mode. Don’t get overwhelmed.

Time to find the perfect photographer and show off that BLING

1. Send me an email!!! Let's see if we connect and have the same vision for your wedding!!

2. I'm available! Yay!! The contract and deposit retainer are emailed to you. Once those are filled out and paid, you have officially booked Kari Bendig Photography for your wedding day!! Congratulations!!

3. Now, let's talk locations and get that engagement session scheduled!! Most couples plan their engagement session at least two months before their wedding.

4. I will send you a Pre Wedding Information Form 1 month before your wedding!!

5. Submit Pre Wedding Information Form 2 weeks before your wedding!! This allows me to create a timeline, and have essential addresses and phone numbers on hand!!

I require a 30% initial deposit plus a signed contract to book your wedding date. Many clients book me as much as two years in advance, so please reach out before booking to ensure your date is still available. I can’t wait to hear from you and get started making plans! This is going to be so much fun!


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