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Charming Engagement Session | ZaBrina and Kevin

Love that comes easily is arguably the best kind, and that’s exactly what Kevin and ZaBrina share. While shooting their engagement session, I instantly picked up on the kind of relationship that they have. Kevin is without a doubt ZaBrina’s safe place. She is free to laugh and fall into his arms, knowing that he’ll be there to catch her.

The engagement session took place in downtown Milledgeville here in Georgia. Both ZaBrina and Kevin worked there so they knew the area very well. It was a beautiful summer day and the entire session was filled with the most exquisite trees.

Most of my clients know that I am obsessed with trees. If I see a cool, old looking tree I will most likely have my clients pose under them or beside them. If you love trees like I do, definitely check out downtown Milledgeville!

This amazing couple tied the knot in September and the wedding was gorgeous! I’m so happy that these two found each other and that they have a lifetime of effortless love ahead of them. Thank you for letting me be a part of your fairytale, ZaBrina and Kevin.


Look at that awesome tree!


Congrats again, you two!

If you're newly engaged and interested in preserving your precious moments, send me a message here on my website.

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