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Christmas Eve Wedding Wonderland | Brandon and Chase

Brandon and Chase tied the knot on Christmas Eve of this past year! Their wedding was originally scheduled for October of 2020, but due to the pandemic it was postponed and the guest list was shortened. However, it turned out beautifully, and their wedding was one of the most memorable that I’ve had the pleasure of attending.

Chase and Brandon had an at home ceremony and reception with family. They decorated their house all on their own, and transformed the home into a gorgeous, elegant winter wonderland. Before the ceremony, Chase assisted Brandon with getting ready by putting on his bowtie, while each of their fathers put on the cufflinks. The two of them then enjoyed a toast with their mothers before they each walked their mothers down the aisle.

Their families were absolutely overjoyed when the couple said “I do”, and just about every person in the room shed a tear. Brandon and Chase’s love for each other is undeniable. They have a remarkable foundation upon which they built their relationship, and they truly enjoy each other’s company.

After the ceremony, we all ate and then danced the night away. It was a perfect day and I couldn’t be happier for these two.

Aren't they just perfect?

Look at that amazing family!

Congratulate Brandon and Chase with me in the comments!

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