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Meghan and Kyle's Beautiful Wedding | Middle Georgia Wedding Photographer

This is a very special couple to me because Kyle is my little brother, and Meghan is the love of his life! When they told me they were getting married, naturally I asked them how I could help. Not only did they ask me to be their photographer but they asked me to officiate the ceremony as well! I was honored, of course, so I went online and got ordained. The internet sure is an amazing place.

Meghan had her mother walk her down the aisle. She looked absolutely stunning, and Kyle looked incredibly handsome along with all of the guys in their kilts.

The two of them hosted such a fun wedding! They had their dog, Emmet, be the ring carrier, and he did such a great job! They had a donut wall in place of a wedding cake, and they even had a t-rex show up at the reception. Everyone had such a good time celebrating the two of them and we couldn’t be happier that they found each other.


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