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Wedding Venues: Forest Hill Park and Rosa' Laevigata

You have to make a lot of decisions when planning a wedding. You have to decide when to have the wedding, what dress to wear, which photographer to hire (wink), and of course - what venue to go with. As an experienced photographer, I've seen quite a few wedding venues! Forest Hill Park in Perry, Georgia and Rosa' Laevigata in Byron, Georgia are two of my favorites.


Forest Hill Park is a charming venue that has an outdoor chapel and a railway train that is used as a men's "getting ready" area. These features and more make for so many perfect photo opportunities.

Alexis and Zach's wedding was one of my favorites that I shot at this venue. Take a look at some photos from their day!

Sean and Robin also had a beautiful wedding here!


Rosa' Laevigata is a gorgeous, historic venue that I have had the privilege of shooting at! Here are some photos from a styled shoot that took place there.


If you're looking for a wedding venue, make sure to check these two out!

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